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Karen Grogan – Maple Glen Elementary School (MGES)

“Coaching cycles have allowed me to explore my teaching in ways that better align content to standards and activities to essentials. Having a coach to take this journey with me means I have a colleague here to spark discussion, to ask critical questions, to problem-solve, and to create with me. Students benefit from my growth as an educator, and they learn the power of collaboration through the experience of having co-teachers.”

-Amy McClelland, STEM Teacher


I completed my undergraduate degree at DePauw University where I majored in Elementary Education. I earned my Master’s Degree in School Counseling at Butler University. Most of my teaching career has been in second grade, with four years at Shamrock Springs Elementary and ten years at Maple Glen Elementary. In 2017, I began the amazing job as an Instructional Coach and have loved it ever since!


The heart of my work as a coach is cultivating a collaborative community focused on student learning. The partnership between teacher and coach allows us to collaborate, teach, and grow side-by-side. Together, we empower students to believe in themselves, set and reach goals, and grow to become their best selves. I am proud to work in a school district that values professional learning and keeps our kids as the top priority!

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