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Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)


Vision Statement:

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council of Westfield Schools envisions an education experience for all students of the Westfield Washington Schools that meets their unique learning needs, allows them to make meaningful progress toward goals with appropriate services and supports, and aids them in developing life ready skills.  


Mission Statement: 

The mission of SEPAC is to improve the quality of life for students and their families by connecting them with resources as well as communicating ideas, making recommendations, and collaborating within the school district.

What is SEPAC?

Why SEPAC Parents

New to Special Education - start here!

IEP prep:

IN*Source IEP Resources

  • Special Education in Indiana

  • IEP Meetings & Parents guide to the IEP

    • Parent’s guide

    • Article 7 time timeline

    • Case conference reminders

  • Parents rights 

    • Any summaries available?

  • Legal Resources

How to write a parent vision letter

SEPAC Teachers

More Resources


Disability specific resources

IEP TA Center - the facilitated IEP

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