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Shamrock Community Resource Boards

Westfield Washington Schools students posing in front of the Shamrock Community Resource Board at Westfield High School.


District Partners with Westfield Organizations to Reach Entire City Population

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2021 Ashley Knott, Coordinator of Family & Community Engagement, WWS Email:

WESTFIELD – Westfield Washington Schools is excited to announce the launch of a new community initiative that will share local nonprofit resources and service providers with Westfield residents in need of services. The Shamrock Community Board was created in collaboration with Westfield Washington Township, Westfield Washington Public Library, The Wellbeing Coalition of Westfield and the Indiana Youth Institute. Boards will be placed in high-traffic areas to get the information out to those who need it at the locations that people frequently visit.

The boards feature a selection of local organizations that provide services for food, medical needs, mental health services, recreational support, and more. A person simply needs to scan the QR code with their cell phone camera that corresponds to an organization they need, and it will take you directly to their website.

Ashley Knott, Westfield Washington Schools’ coordinator of family & community engagement, says that these boards allow the school district to meet people where they are.

“Offering help to people in need has always happened,” Knott said. “How we reach people has shifted dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis. With more people than ever in need of some sort of assistance — whether it’s food, housing, financial, mental health et cetera –, the stigma around asking for help has not shifted as much as the demand. Even within our school community, we are always asking families to let us know how we can provide support. So, we created the Shamrock Community Resource Board as a way to help them get the support they need without feeling judged.”

Danielle Carey Tolan, Westfield Washington Township Trustee, said the township partnered with the schools on this project because their staff works on a daily basis with clients who are facing emergency financial situations.

By creating these resource boards and placing them around Westfield, we hope that our residents will now have a better understanding of what organizations serve Westfield and who they can reach out to if they have an immediate need for assistance,” Carey Tolan said. The boards will be placed in the following locations:

● Westfield Washington Schools Central Office ● Westfield High School ● Westfield Middle School ● Westfield Intermediate School ● Maple Glen Elementary School ● Carey Ridge Elementary School ● Oak Trace Elementary School ● Shamrock Springs Elementary School ● Monon Trail Elementary School ● Washington Woods Elementary School ● Westfield Washington Public Library ● Westfield Open Doors ● Westfield Chamber of Commerce ● MacGregor Park ● Asa Bales Park ● Freedom Trail Park ● Quaker Park ● Simon Moon Park ● Cook Creek Park

Shamrock Board hanging in Westfield Public Library.

Shamrock Board pictured hanging outside of Washington Woods Elementary School


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