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Welcome Back To School.  To our new students and families, Welcome to Westfield, Indiana. Westfield is filled with wonderful people who look forward to welcoming you to our community. Westfield is home to the Westfield Washington School District, where we proudly operate ten schools: one early learning, six elementary schools, one intermediate school (5th & 6th grades), one middle school (7th & 8th grades), and one high school.

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Westfield Washington Schools

Administration Center
19500 Tomlinson Road, Ste B
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-8000

Carey Ridge Elementary School
Mr. Andy Hilton, Principal
16231 Carey Road
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-6200
Attendance Line:  317-867-6201

Maple Glen Elementary School
Mrs. Mary Beth Fischer, Principal
17171 Ditch Road
Westfield, IN  46074
Office: 317-896-4700
Attendance Line:  317-896-4701

Monon Trail Elementary School
Mr. Jeremy Marvel, Principal
19400 Tomlinson Road
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-8600
Attendance Line:  317-867-8601

Oak Trace Elementary School
Mrs. Jane Hitch, Principal
16504 Oak Ridge Road
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-6400
Attendance Line:  317-867-6401

Shamrock Springs Elementary
Mr. Robb Hedges, Principal
747 W. 161st Street
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-7400
Attendance Line:  317-867-7401

Washington Woods Elementary School
Mrs. Sarah Zack, Principal
17950 Grassy Branch Road
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-7900
Attendance Line:  317-867-7901

Westfield Intermediate School
Mrs. Annette Patchett, Principal
17710 Shamrock Blvd.
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-6500
Attendance Line:  317-867-6501

Westfield Middle School
Ms. Stacey Swan, Principal
345 W. Hoover Street
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-6600
Attendance Line:  317-867-6601

Westfield High School
Mrs. Alicia Denniston, Principal
18250 N. Union Street
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-867-6800
Attendance Line:  317-867-6801

Virginia F. Wood Early Learning Center
Mrs. Marci Derado 

Director of Early Childhood Learning
19500 Tomlinson Road, Ste B
Westfield, IN  46074
Office:  317-866-4810

New Student Information Packet 2023-2024 (Printable)

Let's Connect:

To help you get started, we are passing along some helpful information as your student(s) begin the school year.


PowerSchool is the student information system that WWS uses to track your student’s grades, attendance, fees due, and demographic information. Students will be shown how to access PowerSchool and encouraged to use it often. Parents must create an account and add their children using an Access code and Password given to them by their child's school. Please be aware that the Access Code and password are case-sensitive. PowerSchool is generally disabled in the middle of the summer and re-opens before school starts. You can learn more about PowerSchool and how it can be a helpful tool for your students K-12 on our website:



Canvas is a program students in grades 5-12 will use in their classes. It allows the teachers to communicate with students, post homework assignments, and the most important dates on the calendar, such as upcoming tests & quizzes. If your child is absent during the school year, this is where you will find the work that needs to be made up. You can learn more by clicking here.  Additional Canvas support tools are available on the WWS Parent University web page under “resources.”


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the program students grades K-4 will use to support eLearning/virtual learning. Need help logging into Google Classroom? Click Here



You can add money to your student’s lunch account using the School Payment Portal, LunchTime. You can also see what your student has purchased daily for lunch and/or breakfast. On this site, you can limit your student’s purchasing options. For example, if you see that your student is buying multiple cookies every day, you can restrict that. 


Free & Reduced Application

The 2023-2024 applications are open. Click here to apply. This program offers assistance in providing your child/children with nutritious school meals for free or at a reduced price. A new application must be completed each school year. You can also come to the Administration Building (19500 Tomlinson Road, Ste B, Westfield, IN 46074) between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM to complete an application online. Please contact Cindy Nicole, Accounts Receivable/Purchase Coordinator (317) 867-8019 or via email at Families will be notified by mail once their application is processed. 


At Westfield Washington Schools, we do everything possible to ensure our MVP participants feel no social stigma about applying to the program. Participants and their parents can be confident that all information is confidential. Countless studies show that children who eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch perform better in the classroom, are tardy/absent less often, and are more attentive throughout the day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the WWS Food Service office at 317-867-8062. We look forward to serving you during the school year.


Westfield Washington Schools Transportation System is committed to the safe and efficient delivery of all our passengers - whether for daily trips to school, field trips, or other special events or sporting events. To find out what bus your student will be riding, bus stop locations, and pick-up/drop-off times, go to the Transportation website at this link:

*Please note: To add a new student to the bus route, you must contact the Transportation Department to set this up. They will let you know when your student can begin riding the bus. Their email is


Technology Assistance

If you have technology issues when eLearning occurs, please call 317.867.8087 and leave a message. Someone will get back to you: Chromebook Guidelines and the 1:1 FAQ.



What is eLearning? Instead of missing class on snow days (or school cancellations for other reasons), students would work on class materials from home. Adopting an eLearning School Cancellation plan, created with the involvement of Westfield Washington teachers, would limit the need for school days to be tacked on to the end of the school year.


How will it work? Teachers and staff will facilitate and support instruction during eLearning. Students and parents can reach them through email, Canvas/Google Classroom, phone calls, social media, and help desk. Office hours will be communicated before eLearning takes place.

Is my child involved? Yes! ALL children in WWS, from K-12, will participate in eLearning! Students in grades K-4 will have five school days to complete their eLearning assignments and will be informed of their lessons, activities, and assignments through Google Classroom. Students in grades 5-12 will be informed of their lessons, activities, and assignments through Canvas on the day of cancellation and will have two school days to complete the work. All assignments will be posted by 10:00 AM on the day of the cancellation. Additional information can be found on the district website under the Learning Systems department.


School Times/Days

To ensure our teachers have substantial and consistent opportunities for professional development, Wednesdays at all WWS schools will delay start times by 30 minutes to allow for professional teacher learning. End times will remain the same. This concept is consistent with many districts across the state that have delayed starts to provide professional learning time—Wednesday Start Time (buses will arrive 30 minutes later than normal). 


District Calendar  - 2023-2024. Click here


School                                  Start Times        Wednesday Late Start

Elementary School              7:50-2:30             8:20-2:30

Intermediate School           8:45-3:35             9:15-3:35

Middle School                     8:45-3:35             9:15-3:35

High School                         8:35-3:39             9:05-3:39


Supply Kits

School Supply List Directory Pens, pencils, crayons, markers, notebooks, folders, all tools for school! In preparation for the 2023-2024 School Year, we are sharing our WWS School Supply List. Please click on the link below for your student. Note some specialty classes may require additional supplies. High School students will receive a list of school supplies from their teachers. Click here.

Get in Touch

If you have Back To School questions we are here to assist you.  Email and we will respond within 24 hours. 

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