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Creating Closure in the Midst of Adversity! Video 6

Our brains learn well and feel more at ease when there are predictable repetitive patterns of routines in our lives! We also learn through associations and analogies with experiences,  relationships, and events.

Creating Closure in the Midst of Adversity, Video six created for to support families during COVID-19.

This pandemic has created some dis-stress for us all as our routines have changed, and we forfeited closure to the activities in our worlds a few weeks ago! Without closure within our experiences, we can feel lost, confused, and sometimes feel like we are inside an endless cycle of the “unknown.” The below activities are ways to create touchpoints… building stringer connections while creating activities with closure! They are explained in the video!

Dual Drawings- Parents, educators, and students through a school activity or family activity create a shared drawing together as each takes a turn and draws a line or shape and then passes the drawing to their partner as they add their line or shape to the drawing and continue the creation passing back and forth! We could time this activity for a few minutes, or if it is given to students we could create the drawing over a few weeks. There are so many variations to this activity of closure!

Duel doodle drawings can start with a line or a shape that when passed back and forth creates a picture.

Dual Story Writing- This activity designed for closure is similar to the dual drawings except we create a story together. This story could be created with images or words and could be a 30 minute, one day or weekly family or E-Learning activity as students and educators design a fictional story or the dual writing activity could take the form of dual journal writing as we share experiences from our moments, days or weeks together!

A book open sharing how stories can come to life. Picture credits to

Dual Choices– This activity provides some emotional freedom, connection through touchpoints, and a change in routines as we enter into the sixth week of this COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. What type of activities, experiences, and choices can we change up for a day or a week?

  2. How can we create a new routine as a class or a family?

  3. What types of choices could our children make that would feel empowering and doable to us and to them?

Examples for school might be: a surprise visitor, an E-Learning packet handwritten note each day with a surprise treat, or a change in assignments creating a student-led lesson on their favorite topic, or sharing a drawing or image of their favorite place?

In our homes, what choices could we provide for our children that would feel fun and doable to us? Bedtimes, foods, rituals, a shared new game, or an experience our children could lead!

Have fun and notice how connection and closure create some feelings and moments of calm.

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