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Excessive Gaming and our children.

Some say gaming allowed our children to stay connected during COVID. Fast forward to eight months. Are you worried about your child's gaming habits? Do you notice intense behavior from your child after gaming? What can you do to help them? Do you have to remove gaming, or can kids learn to create balance? Time distortion is real and can create a power struggle. Below you will find a 16-minute podcast created to share how gaming affects our child and how you can support your child.


Brain Biology and Preventing Excessive Video Gaming

"Why do some kids and teens get overly frustrated and bored when it’s time to turn off their video games? How to know when game playing has become excessive? What are tips that all families should know for ensuring healthy video game play? In today’s episode, Physician Delaney Ruston explores these issues along with a new model of brain biology to help explain irritability and boredom associated with video gaming.  We hear from teens along with psychiatrist Dr. Clifford Sussman who specializes in helping young people regain tech balance.  We also hear from Andrew Fulton who was in the film, Screenagers, when he was getting treatment at an internet rehab center, and is now working at the same center helping others recover from video game overuse."

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