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What would you discuss in a Podcast? Take the NPR Podcast Challenge.

Entries for the Student Podcast Challenge: College Edition will open on Dec. 1, with a final deadline of Feb 15, 2021. For middle and high school students, entries will open on Jan. 1, and close on March 15. 

NPR is hosting a Podcast Challenge! Students you have power with your voice. The NPR challenge is a great opportunity and they are providing you with all of the resources. Want to learn more? Tune in to the podcast below or visit the resources. Good luck, we can't wait to HEAR what you have to say!

What to hear about it in a PODCAST? Tune in here

Or read below for information directly from NPR.ORG's web page!

How it Works?

Here's how it works: Put together a podcast with your class or extracurricular group. Then your teacher can submit it to us.

This contest is for teachers with students between 5th and 12th grade. Each podcast should be between three and 8 minutes long.

The winning podcast submissions will be featured in segments on Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

Where to Begin?

We don't expect you to be experts. In fact, we're guessing that most of you are putting a podcast together for the very first time. Don't panic!

Visit our submission guide to find suggested prompts, guidelines for submissions, and a list of questions you might have.

But before you do anything, it's important to read the official rules here.

Sure, this is a competition, but it's also about learning new skills in a fun way. We want to make that learning easier — so we've put together materials to help both teachers and students along the way.

  1. Resources for teachers - YES, you can! Teachers, you will find this resource to be your toolbox for success for your students.

  2. Resources for students - YES, you can! This resource will walk you through with examples, interviewing, recording, tips, and tools!

Our panel of expert judges will be listening for creative work that stands out. You can find a full set of judging criteria here.

  1. Sarah Gonzalez

  2. Sam Sanders

  3. Ailsa Chang

  4. Kaari Pitkin

  5. Leah Donnella

  6. Chuck Holmes

  7. Robby KorthEnlarge this image

  8. Shereen Marisol MerajiEnlarge this image

  9. Patricia WillensEnlarge this image

  10. Doug Mitchell

Questions? Read through our frequently asked questions here. If you're still looking for an answer, send us an email at

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