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Who is your Wise Self? Video 8

Welcome to week eight of the COVID-19 series for parents, educators, and students with Dr. Lori Desautels. Our video this week addresses TouchPoints. Using nonverbal strategies to share our interest in others. With so many unknowns, we hope this activity severs as a tool to support you, your family, or student. Embrace this reflection. The result will share with you a visual on how the pandemic feels to your child or student.

Create your Wise Self?

FREE printable to help you, your family, or students create their WISE SELF. CLICK HERE

We know COVID-19 has stirred many emotions. We hope you are finding support through our video series. We invite you to look back when you need help. We are #INthistogether.

Visit if you need help or want to offer assistance. #wwsALLin

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